"I believe New Mexico can be a place of strong, safe communities where our kids can be happy growing up, and can build a life here when they are grown."



I support a woman's right to choose when and how to have a child, full access to contraception, and believe that everyone should have access to affordable healthcare -- which means we need to expand access to abortion care. I believe healthcare is a human right, and so I will fight for universal public healthcare through Medicare for All. It’s time to challenge corporate dominance over our health, and a corporate healthcare system that is inefficient, rocky, and wildly expensive. No American should face bankruptcy, death, or poverty because of a lack of healthcare

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Climate change poses a real threat to our economy and our way of life through extreme weather, increasing drought, and severe heat waves across the Southwest. At the same time, the fossil fuel industry is making billions by putting our communities in harm’s way, and forcing us to pay to clean up their mess. We need to act fast to counteract climate change and keep fossil fuels in the ground. I pledge to vote against all new fossil fuel infrastructure, and to fight instead for 100% renewable energy -- including tens of thousands of solar energy jobs for New Mexicans. We deserve representatives in Congress who will stand up to the fossil fuel industry, and I will. Indigenous rights and the fight for climate justice cannot be separated, and I will fight for tribal nations across the country who are battling the fossil fuel industry in their backyard.

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I believe in a fair society, where hardworking New Mexicans all have a shot at opportunities for success, and where corporations, millionaires, and billionaires all pay their fair share in taxes. I will fight for a $15 minimum wage so everyone who works full time can put food on the table and pay rent. I’ll double down on renewable energy to create more good paying jobs; we'll make it easier for those who want to start or expand their small business. I’ll fight to expand social security to ensure older New Mexicans can afford to live with dignity. I also believe that economic success requires equal access to resources that allow our neighbors to live with dignity and free from violence and poverty -- that includes access to SNAP, a strong social safety net, protection from climate-change fueled extreme weather, and Medicare for All

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Money Out of politics 

I am the only candidate who hasn't written myself a big check, because I think Democrats should lead by example when it comes to taking big money out of politics. Instead, I'm running my campaign the old-fashioned way by building a grassroots campaign. Our campaign finance system is broken — it only helps those at the top. This has to stop. I know the struggles of New Mexico families because I've lived them, and you have my word: I will not accept contributions from corporate PACs, and I will fight to overturn Citizens United and bring democracy back to the people. I am committed to overturning Citizens United and getting corporate and special interest money out of politics.  


Public education is the key to social mobility and economic security, and all our kids need access to good public schools. It’s time for us to make big, smart investments in public schools and find real solutions that pull our kids and all New Mexicans out of poverty. That means we need debt-free college and universal pre-k so that all our children have an opportunity to meet their incredible potential, regardless of their income.

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Both of my parents were Veterans, and my dad is buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Our country must live up to the promises made to our Veterans in exchange for their service and their lives. All veterans deserve good health care, including mental health services, and support to transition into civilian jobs.

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I will hold Donald Trump and his billionaire friends accountable -- whether it’s standing up to his racist bullying, fighting for his billionaire friends to pay their fair share, or calling for impeachment. I will fight against the demagoguery represented by the current administration, and do everything in my power to create greater transparency in our government.


I will continue to champion dignity and equal rights for all and protections from discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability, and religion. In this moment when too many people are facing increasingly hateful violence -- from our black, brown, and Native American neighbors to the LGBTQ community -- I will fight for justice and dignity for marginalized communities. I support the right to privacy and net neutrality, and I will work to continue the expansion of broadband access across New Mexico.

Foreign Policy & Immigration

I believe in diplomacy-first, not violence-first, foreign policy that mends fences while protecting the long-term interests of the United States, and remembering that this country was built by immigrants. I want to stop deportations, protect DREAMers, and I will fight for comprehensive immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship for all 11 million undocumented immigrants in America. I will fight tirelessly against Trump’s racist and astronomically expensive wall. Immigration policy must recognize this country's dependency on (and exploitation of) immigrant labor, and treat with dignity and humanity those who work and build their families here.

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I will fight for a $15 minimum wage, a national public paid family leave program, paid sick leave for all workers, and fair scheduling to ensure shift-workers can provide for their families with certainty. I believe in good jobs, not just jobs, jobs that allow workers to pay the rent, put food on the table, care for families, and live with dignity. I will advocate for fair trade policies that do justice to our Labor Unions.

gun reform

We must take on the NRA! Congress needs to stop wasting lives and take action on gun violence -- now.  We must keep guns out of the hands of people who should never have a gun. We need 100% background checks and to close loopholes -- especially with gun shows. We need to rid our communities of military-grade weapons; neither hunting nor policing require automatic weapons. We need major funding for behavioral health programs that are accessible to everyone. We need to strip the power of the NRA with commitments from elected officials to NOT ACCEPT campaign contributions. We need to foster a society in which violence is never the answer. No one should live in fear of attending a concert, dancing at a nightclub, or going to school.