I support a woman's right to choose when and how to have a child, full access to contraception and believe that everyone should have access to affordable healthcare -- which means we need to expand access to abortion care. Far too many rural women, poor women, and women of color simply do not have access to the healthcare they need to stay healthy. I believe that we need to protect access to care, not just choice about that care.

Pay equality is essential to gender equality. I will support all efforts to close the national pay gap, with a special focus on closing the gap for black, latina, indigenous, and disabled women as well as genderqueer and transgender people -- all of whom deserve equal pay for equal work.

Transgender Americans have the same rights as all Americans -- and I will fight to ensure my transgender neighbors have access to the same dignity, jobs, social services, and housing as we all do. This includes fighting the inhumane “bathroom bills” proposed by the GOP that restricts transgender kids and adults from accessing public spaces.

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