Public education is the key to social mobility and economic security, and all our kids need access to good public schools.

It’s time for us to make big, smart investments in public schools and find real solutions that pull our kids and all New Mexicans out of poverty.

Public schools are essential to ensuring American children can meet their full potential regardless of their income, Zip code, or skin color. We need big investments in public education now.

In congress, I will fight for:

  • Debt-free college. Every student should be able to attend college without financial barriers, and burdens after graduation.  

  • Universal pre-k. Every child deserves the same shot at reaching their potential. Research shows that universal long-term benefits for children.

  • Social services that ensure our kids have the support they need to focus on learning. From reliable food to stable housing and mental health support to communities free from violence, I will fight to ensure our kids have the support they need to learn.

  • More federal funding for public k-12 schools.

I am against school vouchers, and any federal laws that would take funding away from our public schools.

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