Income inequality is out of control in America. The rich are getting richer, and working folks are only getting poorer. If we want a strong and just Democracy, we have to think big. America isn’t broke, but we have been pillaged by billionaires and big corporations who get rich off our infrastructure and expect working people to foot the bill. No more.

I believe in a fair society, where hardworking New Mexicans all have an equal shot to reach their full potential, and where corporations, millionaires, and billionaires all pay their fair share in taxes. We need a financial transaction tax to ensure this happens, along with a complete repeal and replacement of the GOP tax scam, and the reinstatement of a more robust estate tax. We need to return taxes for the wealthy and corporations to post-World-War-II levels and also ensure that we tax wealth generation, not just wage-labor income.

I’ll also fight with everything I have for a national public infrastructure bill that creates millions of jobs and rebuilds America’s crumbling roads, parks, bridges, energy, schools, and technology infrastructure. This bill should include massive investment in updating America’s energy grid to prepare us for 100% renewable energy, and millions of good union jobs that include living wages, full benefits, and fair scheduling. Infrastructure improvements should be especially targeted towards poor, black, and brown communities who have been historically neglected by our government.