Ole New Mexico endorses Deb!

When it comes to advocating for the underrepresented, Olé New Mexico knows that I'm the best candidate to work with them — and that's why they've endorsed our campaign for Congress!  

Olé New Mexico, a grassroots organization of working New Mexicans, has endorsed us! 

In their announcement, Olé stated, "With strong leadership, we can work together to ensure hard-working families continue to be respected and given equal opportunities so the next generation of New Mexicans can be successful in building stronger families and communities." That sounds a lot like what I say on the campaign trail — and that's why I'm so proud to have this endorsement.  

I am humbled by all of the members of this community who work hard and want a say in our political process. I am proud to have it in my heart to always stand up for folks who deserve that promise.