The Weekly Alibi Endorses Deb!

Link to the endorsement: 


Who Speaks for District 1:

It turns out that all of the humans vying for the open seat in the New Mexico section of the US House—recall, Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham has given up the seat as part of her campaign to become our state’s next governor (I’ll get to that soon)—are all bona fides, citizens whose intelligence and acumen as part of the political and leadership class of this nation are inscrutable, as far as I can see. That is to say, none of them are Trumpistas, as far as I can reckon.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with all eight candidates (six Democrats, one Republican and one Libertarian) and must say that all present as knowledgeable, affable and professional. In such a case, I’m reminded of local political commentator Joe Monahan’s assessment of this particular House district in this particular state: Democrats have a lock on this one, always have. Republicans—and I suppose the same goes for Libertarians—lack that key and never will find it in their collection. Thanks Joe.

So, as I wrote this, I decided to give Pat a bell to find out what was what, exactly. We talked about all the candidates, how solid each was in stature and platform. We talked about Damon Martinez. We talked about Deb Haaland. Other members of our editorial team and the publisher chimed in. And came up with this.

In concordance with our traditional, progressive Weekly Alibi value set, whereby we support grassroots efforts to make progressive and lasting advancements to our national governance model, we hereby support Deb Haaland for the position of US Representative for District One in the State of New Mexico. Thank you very much.