Progressive New Mexico Elected Leaders Endorse Deb Haaland for NM-1

In aftermath of former Congressional Candidate Pat Davis suspending his campaign, New Mexican state politicians are offering Haaland support. The coalition of New Mexican progressives have rallied behind to fight the surge of dark money and millions of Republican dollars trying to buy this election. Among them are Senators Cisco McSorley, Jerry Ortiz y Pino, Mimi Stewart, Representative Debbie Sariñana, and Bernalillo County Commissioner Debbie O'Malley.

Here's what some of the new endorsers have to say about Deb’s campaign to be the first Native American woman in Congress:

"I'm endorsing Deb because she represents all of the progressive and liberal groups I've fought for my whole life. There's nobody as good on our issues as Deb Haaland," said Sen. Cisco McSorley.

"I know that Deb Haaland will work tirelessly to end Citizens United, reform our cannabis laws, and protect our DREAMers. We need new voices like Deb's to stand up to Donald Trump and fight for progressive values," stated Sen. Jerry Ortiz y Pino.

"Congress has never heard a voice like Deb's. As the State Senator for Albuquerque's International District, I feel strongly that our underrepresented communities need a strong voice. I'm ready to stand with Deb Haaland as she fights to be the first Native American woman elected to Congress," said Sen. Mimi Stewart.

"We need more fierce women in office who have lived progressive values. Deb Haaland is that champion, and we must unite behind her to elect her to Congress. It's time!" said Rep. Debbie Sariñana.

"I agree with Pat Davis that local leaders here in Albuquerque need partners in Congress that they can work with. I'm looking forward to working with Deb Haaland because she always shows up, and I know she'll show up for all of us in Congress," said Bernalillo County Commissioner Debbie O'Malley.