Planned Parenthood Action Fund Endorses Deb!

Planned Parenthood Action Fund has endorsed our campaign for Congress! I am so honored and thrilled to receive the support of Planned Parenthood Action Fund. 

Let's be clear Planned Parenthood provides affordable, accessible women's health care services, international health care and family planning services, birth control coverage, emergency contraception, teen pregnancy prevention, and abortion access. 

Our country needs Planned Parenthood, not just for their health care clinics, but for their incredible advocacy for women and LGBTQ community. In Congress I will stand up for Planned Parenthood ensuring they have funding for women like me, women like you, and women like my daughter.  

Healthcare is a human right, which is why I will fight tirelessly for Medicare for All. It’s also why I will fight to expand access to women’s health care services, including abortion care, across rural, suburban, and urban America so that regardless of income or geography, all women can access lifesaving care just like Planned Parenthood provides.

In Congress I will take on the fight against Donald Trump and the Republicans, and stand up for Planned Parenthood