As fellow delegates to the State Pre-Primary Convention, we are writing to urge you to vote for Deb Haaland in the race for Congressional District 1. We are supporting Deb because she is the candidate in this race with a track record of supporting us, and for working on behalf of all women here in New Mexico. 

Deb has been endorsed by the National Organization for Women (PAC) because it is critical that our district be led by a fierce, effective woman leader who will always show up and fight for our issues. 

Over 10,000 people have been elected to Congress, but NEVER a Native American Woman. Congress has never heard a voice like Deb's. But, there is much more to this important decision than simply making history. Our reproductive rights are being eroded by the day by Trump and the Republican Congress. In the past 10 years, hundreds of new restrictions have passed in states across the country to prevent a woman from accessing abortion care. We know Deb will be the champion who will fight to preserve our right to keep personal decisions about our reproductive health with New Mexican women, their families and their medical providers. Deb will fight for the respect and dignity that every woman deserves, and it’s why we are proud to support her. We are in this race for the long haul and we are ready to work to elect a candidate who represents the hard earned values of New Mexican women and families.  

As a single mother, Deb knows what it is like to sit in the waiting room of Indian Health Services for three hours with a sick child.  She knows what it means to volunteer cleaning toilets and sweeping floors in order to offset pre-school tuition.  As a law student, striving to make a better life for her and her daughter, Deb relied on Planned Parenthood as her main source of healthcare. Our struggles for pay equity, quality education for our kids and access to healthcare are Deb’s struggles.

Albuquerque and District 1 deserve a Representative in Washington D.C. who can translate our lived values into action. Someone whose story is our story. And someone whose own real life experience will be a driving force behind her fierce advocacy for New Mexicans.  

If we don't elect a woman, New Mexico's federal delegation in D.C. will be all men. While we've got some great champions representing us, we've all signed on for Deb, and we hope you will join us in supporting her at the State Pre-Primary Convention this Saturday. 


Paulene Abeyta, Convention Delegate

Laurette Alexander, Convention Delegate

Representative Debbie Armstrong, Convention Delegate

Adriann Barboa, Convention Delegate

Diane Denish, State Central Committee Member

Gina Dennis, State Central Committee Member

Kimberly Florio, Convention Delegate

Jennifer Ford, Convention Delegate

Joan Gibson, Alternate delegate, ATF member 

DeChellie Gray, Convention Delegate

Somah Haaland, Convention Delegate

Deziree Hardin, Convention Delegate

Susan Kelly, Convention Delegate

Isis Lopez, Convention Delegate

Rachael Lorenzo, Convention Delegate

Representative Georgene Louis

Brenda McKenna, Convention Delegate

Dr. Tema Milstein, Convention Delegate

Sara Roybal, Convention Delegate

Representative Patricia Roybal Caballero, State Central Committee Member

Dr. Deborah Potter, Convention Delegate

Susan Selbin, State Central Committee Member

Kim Zamarin, Convention Alternate Delegate

Did we miss you and you want to sign on? - reach out to Angie@debforcongress.com