Steven Michael Quezada Endorses Deb for Congress

Statement from Steven Michael Quezada: 

Deb and I have similar stories. My mom was a cashier and my dad was in the military; he came home from active duty just to dig ditches, the only job he could find. I grew up in the Pat Hurley Park area with my brothers and sisters and went to public school. And through hard work and with amazing parents who helped instill the value of community, I became an actor, a comedian, an entrepreneur, and most recently, a Bernalillo County Commissioner.

Deb's military and pueblo upbringing taught her the value of hard work and the meaning of community. Deb is an inspiration for our community — as a single mom who owned her own small business, lived on food stamps, worked her way through college and law school, and became a tribal administrator, Deb knows the day-to-day struggles of our community and of Albuquerque. She has lived them.  

Deb will wake up every day to champion our issues, fight for more education funding, fight for much needed infrastructure, and fight to bring jobs to our community. She has the experience and values and is a worker and a fighter. Just as she always has, Deb will show up for us.