BREAKING: Congressman Ted Lieu Endorses Deb Haaland

Congressman Ted Lieu enthusiastically endorsed our campaign! Ted Lieu is an outspoken critic of Donald Trump who has held Republicans accountable throughout the Russia scandal, is well known for leading the resistance, and is also an outspoken proponent for tackling climate change. This endorsement along with 350 Action, and Bill McKibben redefine the race for NM's First Congressional District.

Here's why he endorsed our campaign: "Deb grew up in a Pueblo and military household which gave her work ethic, she has lived progressive values, and will be a progressive champion for New Mexicans in Congress. From Deb's strong support for fighting climate change, Medicare for all, and veterans, Deb is ready to be a strong part of our progressive caucus. And it is past time that we finally elect the first Native American woman to Congress. I strongly support Deb Haaland for Congress!"


Deb Haaland said the following: "Having Rep. Lieu's support means the world to me.  I truly appreciate his leadership on protecting the environment; Social Security and Medicare; civil liberties; and veterans, and in Congress I will stand with him to  take on Donald Trump, fight climate change, fight for our veterans and protect social security." 

The endorsement by Congressman Ted Lieu, follows the endorsement of 350 Action and Bill McKibben, as well as the Congressional Black Caucus PAC; the National Organization of Women PAC, the American Postal Workers Union; Congresswoman Karen Bass; Congressman Cedric Richmond; Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal; 10 other members of Congress; 28 elected, former-elected, and community leaders in New Mexico; and over 50 tribes and tribal leaders nationwide. Deb Haaland's campaign continues to put together the organization and support needed to win this Democratic primary in June.