Deb Haaland Demonstrates Leadership for New Mexico’s 1st District in KOAT Debate

Deb Haaland Demonstrates Leadership for New Mexico’s 1st District in KOAT Debate

Haaland Poised to be First Native American Woman in Congress 

For Immediate Release: October 17, 2018

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Albuquerque, NM Deb Haaland, the Democratic nominee for Congress in New Mexico’s 1st district, demonstrated her leadership and experience in tonight’s KOAT debate.

Haaland set out her vision for New Mexico’s 1st Congressional district, starting with her opening statement, saying: “In this era of Trump, we need strong voices in Congress, who will fight for healthcare for all, for a quality public education public, and a renewable energy economy.”

While opponents, Janice Arnold Jones and Lloyd Princeton, failed to lay out their plans for the 1st district and proved that they are not prepared to fight for New Mexicans, Haaland demonstrated her plans for the 1st district and made her priorities clear.

Haaland gave the following closing statement during the debate:

“We need new, strong voices in Congress to fight for the things that New Mexicans need and deserve. I am that voice, and I have lived New Mexican values.  During tonight’s debate, my opponents proved that their priorities do not reflect the values of New Mexicans. I am prepared to to work toward an economy that works for everyone, not just the well-connected. I will work to make New Mexico a leader in clean energy, and I am prepared to fight for New Mexicans’ and all Americans’ right to healthcare. I would appreciate having your vote on November 6th.” 

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Deb is an enrolled member of the Pueblo of Laguna. She grew up in a military family; her father was a 30-year combat Marine who was awarded the Silver Star Medal during Vietnam, and her mother is a Navy veteran who went on to work as a  25 year federal employee in Indian education. Deb’s family moved throughout the country during her father’s military service; and as a result, she attended 13 public schools before graduating from Highland High School. She knows the sacrifices made by military families all too well — because she’s lived them.

Deb is a single mom who volunteered at her daughter’s preschool to afford the tuition. Like many New Mexicans, Deb relied on food stamps at one time. She has been a small-business owner, know what it’s like to live paycheck-to-paycheck, and struggled to put herself through college and law school — but she did it through hard work and determination. Like so many New Mexicans, both Deb and her daughter are still working to pay off their student loans.

Deb is running for Congress to be our families’ fiercest advocate in Congress. She will fight tirelessly to create opportunities and improve livelihoods for all New Mexicans.

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