Congresswoman Gwen Moore (D-WI-04) Endorses Deb for Congress


My name is Gwen Moore, and I'm the Representative of Wisconsin's Fourth Congressional District, which includes the City of Milwaukee. In 2004, I took my message of inclusion and empowerment to the voters and became the first African American elected to Congress from Wisconsin, so I know that American succeeds when Congress includes strong, diverse voices.

Today, I am proud to give my endorsement to Deb Haaland, because I know she is not only the best candidate to represent the People of New Mexico's First Congressional District, but also because Congress needs her unique values and perspectives.

I understand a thing or two about trailblazing so I recognize a kindred spirit forging new ground and tearing down walls. As a Native American woman, Deb brings a much-needed and under-represented expertise and understanding to Washington that would represent New Mexican and Native American woman. The first and only Native American woman in Congress absolutely matters, and it matters more now than ever and in the face of this president.

Beyond just being a powerful Native American woman, Deb is a true progressive champion -- and not just by her words, but by her actions. Let me give you an example: after Deb went to Standing Rock in 2016, she went back to New Mexico and divested the state Democratic Party from Wells Fargo because of their investments in the Dakota Access Pipeline. As a fighter for the integrity of Lake Michigan and the Great Lakes basin, I understand her commitment to clean water and the environment. Deb's values and convictions led her to take real action with the power she held, and that is exactly what we need in Congress. I need progressive warriors around me who walk the talk and aren't afraid of the battle ahead.

I want to work with Deb Haaland in Congress, because, like me, she is a powerful progressive champion and fighter for the underrepresented and underserved. I know that Deb will bring to Congress a voice this nation desperately needs, and I know that everything she does will be with one thing in mind: the People of New Mexico.


Congresswoman Gwen Moore
Representing Wisconsin's 4th Congressional District