It's Happening.


Today is a big day for the health of New Mexicans and our nation.

This morning, early voting started for the City of Albuquerque municipal elections, and I can't stress enough how critical this election is for the future of our city.

We can't afford more short-sighted and dishonest decision-making that leaves the heart of our city in shambles, shutters small businesses, and isolates low-income communities for the sake of "modernization" projects that cities like Cleveland, Ohio implemented over a decade ago.

We can't afford leadership backed by the same bigotry represented by Trump and his administration; there is no "homosexual agenda" -- there is only the agenda of fairness and equity for all New Mexicans, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity.

We can't afford more Republican leadership and their back room dealings that have left our city poorer and more dangerous than ever -- including having the deadliest police force in the nation.

We have the opportunity to forge a new path with a new Mayor, and you can bet I will be voting for a Democrat this election. If you want real change, you should, too. Click here to find your nearest early voting center.

I worked in a bakery growing up, and was able to take paid sick leave without worrying if I would lose my job -- this should be the case for all Albuquerque workers. Paid sick leave isn't business versus worker, it's making sure our workers are taken care of so they can raise their families and participate in an economy that works for everyone.

On the ballot this election is the opportunity to protect hardworking New Mexicans with paid sick leave. It's no surprise that the Koch Brothers have been organizing special interests to defeat this effort, and have pulled every trick in the book to do so.

Let's stick it to the Koch brothers, and affirm that we Burqueños fight for our workers and families -- vote FOR for the Healthy Workforce Ordinance, because no New Mexican should have to choose between their job and caring for a sick child or loved one.

Last, this morning Senator Bernie Sanders introduced his Medicare for All legislation with the support of 15 Senate co-sponsors -- including our own Senators Udall and Heinrich. As the first NM-01 congressional candidate to publicly support Medicare for All, I proudly support and will advocate for this bill, and I will vote 'Yes' for it in Congress. This is one of the most important steps we can take to invest in the longevity and sustainability of our communities and families. Healthcare is a right -- period.

This who I am and what I will fight for in Congress -- Medicare for All and Paid Sick Leave for workers in Albuquerque and throughout our nation. Can you chip in $3 or $6 right now to help grow my grassroots campaign?

Don't sit this one out --