I am writing today to be clear about where I stand: we need to renew our commitment to protecting women's reproductive rights -- not sacrifice a fundamental piece of what we believe as Democrats for short term gains.

The struggle for reproductive rights is as real as ever, and as a Democrat in my campaign for Congress, I will fight to ensure women are able to make their own decisions about their own bodies. I will continue to be at the forefront, participating in rallies, marches, letter-writing campaigns, and fighting for federal funding for Planned Parenthood. And, I will always oppose the nomination of any anti-choice US Supreme Court Justice.

Now is not the time to stand down on the threats to women's health and rights. The GOP wants to cut funding for birth control, place undue burdens on clinics that serve low income women and families, and defund Planned Parenthood. We can't afford to compromise on anything we have fought for -- abortion is legal in our country, and I will do everything in my power to stand up for the rights of women and all people to choose when and how they build a family.

The Democratic Party must recommit to standing shoulder to shoulder with women in America, and never risk the protection of my right and the right of women across the country to govern our own bodies and decisions. I am committed, and I will see you on the front lines.

Answer Deb’s call to action by joining her campaign for Congress. We need leaders who are willing to stand up and fight for their values no matter what.