Alan Webber Endorses Deb Haaland for Congress

Progressive Democrat, Entrepreneur, Former Candidate for Governor

For Immediate Release
August 16, 2017

Contact: Scott Forrester, 505.934.5681

Albuquerque, NM⏤In an email to her supporters, Alan Webber endorsed Deb Haaland's historic candidacy for New Mexico’s 1st Congressional District. Alan’s endorsement begins the rolling out of Deb’s economic platform later this week. Deb is the only candidate in the race who is setting a vision for New Mexico’s 1st Congressional District; a month ago she rolled out her healthcare platform, followed by her education platform two weeks ago.

Alan Webber’s endorsement of Deb Haaland joins a growing list of electeds, former electeds, and community leaders who are supporting Deb Haaland for Congress. The entire list of endorsers is below.

Alan Webber currently resides in Santa Fe, is a Progressive Democrat, an entrepreneur, a former candidate for Governor and the founder of a think tank devoted to bringing together people and ideas that will make a better New Mexico. Webber co-founded the technology business magazine, Fast Company, where he was named Adweek's Editor of the Year in 1999.

Alan’s email:

Politics is all about change. In Barack Obama’s White House, it was all about hope and change. In Donald Trump’s White House it’s all about fear and change.

That’s why we need fundamental change—for New Mexico and for the country. We need to rally behind our shared values of fairness, opportunity, equality and prosperity for all.

I’m writing you as a New Mexican, a proud Progressive Democrat, an entrepreneur, a former candidate for Governor and the founder of a think tank devoted to bringing together people and ideas that will make a better New Mexico for all our people. I believe in bold leadership—not only to challenge the destructive policies of the Trump Administration, but also to advance real solutions that will improve the lives of real people. We need leadership that is about one thing: the people of New Mexico. We all know we can have a better future, a more prosperous future, if we elect the right leaders.

That’s why I am proud to endorse Deb Haaland for New Mexico's First Congressional District. I ask you to join me today and help Deb end the month strong by making a $50, $125, or $250 investment in her historic, critically important campaign.

I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to spend time on the campaign trail with Deb when she was running for Lieutenant Governor and I was campaigning for Governor. I know her ideas—and her ideals. I know her heart—and her fighting spirit. I know how smart and tough and committed she is to New Mexico and to the work of building an economy in New Mexico that works for all of us.

Later this week Deb will release her economic platform; I’ve had a chance to read it. Here’s what I can tell you: Like Deb, her ideas for jobs and the economy are smart, fair, tough, forward-looking, and pragmatic. Like Deb, they will work and they will make a difference. From leading in clean energy and advancing small business loans for entrepreneurs, to providing new investments in family farms and making Albuquerque the next tech capitol of the Southwest, Deb's vision defines what it means to have an economy that is fair, transparent, and sustainable. An economy that works for all of us.

There is only one candidate in this race with the vision, experience, and grounded commitment to the people of New Mexico, who can take on Washington and advance the kind of progressive policies and values we need to thrive. Deb Haaland is my choice for New Mexico's First Congressional District, and I ask you to make her yours, too. Contribute $50, $125, or $250 by midnight Thursday to help elect Deb Haaland to Congress.


Alan Webber
Former Democratic Candidate for Governor

List of Deb’s endorsers:

Former U.S. Senator, Fred Harris
Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Human Rights Council, Keith Harper
Former Democratic Candidate for Governor, Alan Webber
Former State Senator & State Representative, Pauline Eisenstadt
State Senator, Benny Shendo
State Representative, Debbie Armstrong
State Representative Doreen Wonda Johnson
State Representative, Georgene Louis
State Representative, Patricia Roybal Caballero
NM Public Education Commissioner, Trish Ruiz
APS Board of Education Vice President, Lorenzo Garcia
CNM President Emeritus, Ted Martinez
To’hajiilee Community Leader, Paulene Abeyta
Community Leader for Reproductive Justice, Adriann Barboa
Inaugural Poet Laureate of Albuquerque, Hakim Bellamy
Community Leader for Reproductive Rights, Joan Lamunyon Sanford
Community Leader & DREAMer, Cindy Nava
Former Executive Director of Equality New Mexico, Amber Royster


Deb Haaland is running for New Mexico's First Congressional District seat, and would be the first Native American woman elected to U.S. Congress. As the first Native American woman to chair a state party, Deb led New Mexico Democrats in 2016 to flip its State House from red to blue, expand the Democratic majority in the Senate, elect a Democrat Secretary of State, and hand a decisive victory to Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.

Deb is an enrolled member of the Pueblo of Laguna, and was the first woman elected to Chair the Laguna Development Corporation Board of Directors. She is a UNM Law School graduate and single mom to Somah, who recently graduated from UNM with a BA in Theater.

Learn more about Deb and her campaign at