Deb Haaland Calls Trump Out, Again

For Immediate Release
August 15, 2017
Contact: Scott Forrester, 505.934.5681

Albuquerque, NM -- On Saturday, amid the chaos and tragedy of Charlottesville, Deb Haaland, Democratic candidate for Congress for New Mexico’s First Congressional District, sent a strong statement rebuking white supremacy and those standing for it. Her original statement can be read below.

Today, after Donald Trump doubled downed on his defense of the weekend hate rally in Charlottesville, Deb stood up to him again and sent the following statement:


Below is Deb's statement on the tragedy in Charlottesville from Saturday, August 12:

"I’ve watched, listened, and read nearly all day, and for anyone to simply condemn these acts or say they are appalled is nowhere close to being enough, because we knew this would come. Donald Trump incited violence, racist acts, and disrespect toward many groups of people during his campaign. The reality is now coming to pass.

The historic aspect of what Trump represents is essentially the culmination of centuries of racist oppression toward people poorer, less educated, non-Christians, and of a darker skin color. The great irony of this is that Native Americans, who were all these things, helped the first Europeans to initially survive - the ancestors of many of the neo-Nazis who were protesting yesterday and today.

In many of my public speeches, I have stated that we need to stay in the streets and keep fighting. And that - I know to be true. John F. Kennedy said that 'Things do not happen, things are made to happen'. If we want love in the world we have to make it happen by loving one another. If we want peace – we must exhibit peace, through peaceful protest, for example.

I am not about to give over to the idea that White Supremacists want to “take back” our country, because they never had it to begin with. I want to keep what’s mine. I want our public lands to stay public, I want good schools for all of the children in my world, healthcare for all, and so much more. Let’s keep our focus and make good things happen. Racism and bigotry have no place in our country."