Deb Haaland Slams Passage of GOP Tax Plan


For Immediate Release
December 2, 2017
: Scott Forrester, 505.934.5681

Albuquerque, NM - On a 51 to 49 vote, Senate Republicans passed a tax “plan” that is a disaster for citizens in New Mexico’s First Congressional District and throughout New Mexico. Deb Haaland, candidate for Congress in NM-1, released the following statement on the GOP Tax Scam:

“Members are sent to Washington by voters to work for and help their constituents and all Americans. What the GOP did late into last night was irresponsible and does the opposite of helping people -- they hurt hardworking New Mexicans.  

This tax scam raises taxes on nearly 70% of hardworking New Mexican families in NM-1, it cuts Medicare, Medicaid, and access to all healthcare, creates a greater financial burden for students and older Americans trying to save for retirement, eliminates credits for businesses that hire disabled Veterans, balloons our national deficit by $1.5 trillion, hurts people with disabilities, and would trigger nearly $600 million in cuts to New Mexico's state budget.

I owned my own salsa company for 11 years, and I know firsthand that small businesses are the engines of our local economy. This plan helps millionaires like Donald Trump and corporations that want to ship jobs oversees, and hurts New Mexico's working families and small businesses.

While most of us don’t expect many tax breaks, we should expect fairness in our tax code, not more handouts for the wealthiest among us. In Congress I will fight for a simpler and more equitable tax code that helps most American families and small businesses, not just the rich.”


Deb Haaland is running for New Mexico's First Congressional District seat, and would be the first Native American woman elected to U.S. Congress. As the first Native American woman to chair a state party, Deb led New Mexico Democrats in 2016 to flip its State House from red to blue, expand the Democratic majority in the Senate, elect a Democrat Secretary of State, and hand a decisive victory to Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.

Deb is an enrolled member of the Pueblo of Laguna, is a former small businesswoman, and was the first woman elected to Chair the Laguna Development Corporation Board of Directors. She is a UNM Law School graduate and single mom to Somah, who recently graduated from UNM with a BA in Theater.