By and for the 1%

The House Republicans just released their tax plan and it's just as shameful to our American values of fairness and opportunity as we expected. Massive handouts to the wealthy and big corporations; and, nothing but the false myth of "trickle down" for most New Mexicans.

And, in especially cruel acts of greed, the child tax exemption and itemized deduction for medical expenses have been cut. You would think Trump and the GOP are intentionally trying to eliminate the middle class altogether.

Wall Street and the wealthy have gotten all of the breaks for far too long -- if you want someone in Congress who will stand up to this greed, then please chip in $5 right now to help get me elected.

Those of us who have never made much money have never expected much in terms of a tax break. Yet, what the Republicans have proposed is precisely why so many of us have struggled to make ends meet or have sometimes been one paycheck away from disaster. Too much wealth has been driven to the top 1%, and not enough has been invested in everyday Americans -- to purchase a home, save for a family vacation, or help our children with their college education.

I have news for the top 1%: we have dreams, too.

We need people in Congress who can speak to the real struggles of New Mexicans and Americans. We need tax reform that tackles income inequality in a serious way, and prioritizes workers and consumers over the 1% and Wall Street. I'll fight for this in Congress, so please make a $5, $10, or $25 contribution today to help me get there.

In solidarity,
Deb Haaland
Democrat for New Mexico's 1st Congressional District