Congressman Hank Johnson Endorses Deb Haaland for Congress


My name is Hank Johnson, and I have the privilege of serving as a Member of Congress. In Congress, I have focused on economic development, civil rights, and have led on advocating for demilitarization of law enforcement. I am proud to have been officially recognized as one of the most effective members of Congress.

When it comes to who we elect to Congress, we need leaders who understand both the day-to-day realities of Americans, as well as the larger systems that impede opportunity and security. That is why I'm proud to endorse Deb Haaland for New Mexico's 1st Congressional District, and I invite you to join her people-powered campaign with a contribution today.

Deb understands what New Mexicans and millions of Americans nationwide are facing in their communities because she's been there -- earning paychecks that don't come close to covering the bills, and witnessing discrimination against many of those most underrepresented. Deb also represents a constituency that has never been heard in Congress; Native American women are always at the top of any indicator of need, and it's long overdue for them to have a voice in Congress.

There is no better representative of the people than someone who is among the people, and for that reason Deb will be the champion we all need and deserve in Congress. Please support her campaign today with a $15, $25, or $50 contribution.


Henry C. "Hank" Johnson, Jr.
Member of Congress