The People's Platform is more than legislation

Since the start of my campaign, I have advocated for progressive policies and values that create more access, equity, and fairness for all New Mexicans and across our country. I was the first NM01 candidate to publicly support Medicare for All; I was the only candidate to emphatically stand up for women’s reproductive rights, and I urged all Democratic candidates to stay true to our values; and, I am the only candidate who has released comprehensive platforms on economy, education, healthcare, and environment, as well as clear commitments on immigration and gun safety. These platforms include support for free and debt free college, raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour, taxing trade transactions, protecting our water, air and land from fracking, ending private for-profit detention facilities, and much, much more.

In short -- I have proudly supported the People's Platform developed through Our Revolution's Summer for Progress since the start of my campaign, and I am proud to make this support "official" through my message today. But, the People's Platform is more than just a collection of legislation. It's a commitment to values that must transcend specific bills or policies, and inform everything that I will do as your next Congresswoman. 

If elected, I intend to be a very active member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC), and would be honored to sign on to these powerful pieces of legislation. I thank Representatives John Conyers, Pramila Jayapal, Bobby Scott, Barbara Lee, David Cicilline, Raul Grijalva, Keith Ellison, and Jared Huffman for authoring the bills that make up this progressive People’s Platform.  

H.R. 676 - Medicare for All Act

I support Medicare for All, because I believe that healthcare is a human right -- not a privilege for the few who can access or afford it. Our individual health is fundamental to our ability to thrive and build healthy communities, and it starts with access to healthcare for everyone. I will support this bill and other legislation that builds a universal healthcare system.

H.R. 1880 - College for All Act of 2017

Ensuring working families can send their kids to college and lessening student debt are important issues of economic justice. It is unconscionable the amount of debt with which young people are saddled (at this writing my student loans are in the 5 digits). In 2005, I led the effort to pass SB 482 in the New Mexico Legislature, which allows members of New Mexico Indian tribes in-state tuition at higher education institutions - regardless of their residency. I believe everyone should have access to the education they seek, regardless of immigration status, and I will support The College for All Act and other bills that level the playing field, especially for working families.

H.R. 15 - Raise the Wage Act

Simply stated -- too much wealth has been driven to the top. Wages have not kept up with productivity gains for over three decades. In the 80s I was making what minimum wage is now. I support this legislation, raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour, and ensuring wages are increased annually to meet the cost of living. I also support regulating corporations to meet minimum wage standards, including penalties for noncompliance. People should not have to hold two or three jobs just to make ends meet, especially when shareholders and CEOs are raking in millions. I also fully support paid sick and family leave for all workers, because a healthy workforce means a healthy economy.

H.R. 771 - Equal Access to Abortion Coverage in Health Insurance

Abortion is legal, and is a reproductive health decision that is made between a woman and her doctor, family, and faith. I fervently support this bill, and I will continue to defend the right for a woman to choose when and how to start a family. I believe and have publicly stated that Democrats should have a litmus test for Choice for our candidates. 

H.R. 2840 - Automatic Voter Registration Act

I've spent my entire political career registering voters and getting them to the polls. I’ve fought for access to voting in Indian Country, was the Native American Vote Director for Obama’s reelection campaign, and led New Mexico Democrats to record-breaking voter turnout in 2016. I believe representation requires participation, and that participation is the most important aspect of our democracy. I support this legislation and other measures that seek to increase voter turnout.

H.R. 3227 - Justice is Not For Sale Act of 2017

Because private prisons are compensated based on the number of beds filled, there is no incentive for real reform or measures that reduce incarceration, or more humane immigration practices. We incarcerate more people than any other country in the world, and corporations are getting rich off this misery. I firmly believe this is not the mark of a healthy society; that’s why following my trip to Standing Rock in November 2016, I divested the Democratic Party of New Mexico from Wells Fargo, one of several big banks that invest in DAPL and for-profit immigration detention facilities. It was a small step, but one that, if taken collectively, can have a tremendous impact. 

H.R. 1144 - Inclusive Prosperity Act

Our society can work when everyone pays their fair share. Wall Street enjoys loopholes that allow it to gamble with the savings and futures of American families, as well as our economy as a whole. I support taxing the transactions made by those who crashed our economy in 2008; the American people already bailed them out, and now it's time they pay their fair share.

H.R. 2242 - Keep It in the Ground Act of 2017

Extraction of our earth’s resources is destroying our environment, poisoning our air, water, and land. We cannot solely rely on these finite resources. We must shift toward renewable energy sources like wind and solar, and we must get beyond the binary of communities having to choose between their land and their livelihoods. Not only do I support this legislation, but protecting and sustaining the environment will be one of my top priorities in Congress.

The People's Platform is a forward-thinking, progressive agenda that encapsulates values I have held my entire life. Values of fairness, justice, access to resources, and the understanding that because we all inhabit this place, we are all responsible for it. I wholeheartedly support all of the legislation in the People's Platform -- but more than that, I support the values represented, and will support and champion all legislation that reflects them.

I know that I am the champion New Mexico needs and deserves in Congress, and I ASK you to join my campaign today with a $10, $25, or $50 contribution.

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