Deb Haaland Endorses Tim Keller for Mayor of Albuquerque

There is only one candidate in the Albuquerque Mayoral race who will move our city forward -- and that's Tim Keller. Let me tell you why he has my vote, and why he should have yours, too.

  • Tim has a plan for jobs and our economy that includes prioritizing local businesses, workforce development, and making Albuquerque energy neutral. Combining investments in our people with smart solutions that reduce costs will help us achieve the economic growth we need to truly pull ourselves out of the post-crash recession.
  • Tim's plan to address crime includes the creation of a civilian-led Department of Public Safety to coordinate reforms and oversee all aspects of public safety, including police. We need to rebuild trust between the community and those charged to serve and protect, and ensure our investments in reform are not wasted.
  • Tim understands that community health is about more than access to insurance. He knows the impact of poverty and social determinants of health, and presents a comprehensive approach to improving our community health status.
  • Tim is a champion for embracing the full diversity of our community, and ensuring all New Mexicans -- regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, immigration status, religion, and ability -- are treated fairly and with respect.
  • Tim is committed to the sovereignty, success, and wellbeing of Native Americans. In addition to ensuring access to social services in the community, Tim will make sure Native Americans are fairly represented in contracting and hiring opportunities.

Tim Keller is and always has been a champion for New Mexicans, and he is the champion Albuquerque needs and deserves. Early voting is happening now until November 10th; please get out and vote, and make sure to vote for the only candidate who will move Albuquerque forward -- Tim Keller.

Deb Haaland
Democrat for New Mexico's 1st Congressional District

P.S. Tim needs our support! He has many opportunities coming up to knock and make calls to get out the vote -- you can RSVP here.