The fossil fuel industry is making billions by putting our communities in harm’s way, and forcing us to pay to clean up their mess. Meanwhile, extreme weather fueled by climate change is creating massive droughts across the Southwest, historic flooding across the Southeast, and is forcing people out of their homes from Louisiana to Alaska.

We need to act fast to counteract climate change and keep fossil fuels in the ground. I pledge to vote against all new fossil fuel infrastructure, and to fight instead for 100% clean energy -- including tens of thousands of solar energy jobs for New Mexicans. We deserve representatives in Congress who will stand up to the fossil fuel industry, and I will.

Indigenous rights and the fight for climate justice cannot be separated, and I will fight for tribal nations across the country who are battling the fossil fuel industry in their backyards.   

I believe in people over profits. I will fight for all families for access to clean water, air, and housing that allows us an equal opportunity to raise our families with dignity. We need strong environmental protections to ensure this across industries.