About Deb Bullwinkel

My name is Deb Bullwinkel and I am running to be your next Congresswoman in the 8th Congressional District.

I've dedicated a good part of my life to serving as an advocate for people who need a voice, for those who feel forgotten and need someone by their side, fighting for them. I have continued this advocacy through my work in public service as an elected official for the Village of Villa Park, first as a Trustee and currently as Village President. This is a record I will continue in Congress.

I'm running to stand up for working families, for small business owners, for seniors and veterans and for the vulnerable among us. I will oppose any assault on the middle class and I am ready work to get past the dysfunction in Congress and get things done for the people of the 8th District.

With your help, I hope to have the opportunity to serve the residents in the 8th Congressional District.

Thanks for your support!

- Deb


Deborah "Deb" Bullwinkel, 47, has a mix of public and private sector experience that makes her uniquely qualified to serve the 8th Congressional District in Congress.

Deb was first elected in 2009 as Village Trustee, garnering 65% of the vote, and was subsequently elected Village President with 76% of the vote in 2013. Deb's tenure in local government has focused on business development, investing in infrastructure and bringing fiscal responsibility to Villa Park. Deb championed one of the largest infrastructure referenda in Villa Park history. As a member of Congress, Deb will continue to expand this record of success.

Deb is a small business owner who works with other businesses and non-profit organizations. She understands the important role small businesses play in our economy, and will always fight to ensure these critical job creators can continue to strengthen our economy.

Prior to launching her own business, Deb spent a number of years in the communications field, including work as a community newspaper reporter and in non-profit management as a director for two nationally based mental health organizations.

As a public servant and as a business owner, Deb has made fighting for the underserved -- seniors, veterans, children and the disabled -- a cornerstone of her career and will continue this fight in Congress.

Deb was raised in Bloomington, Illinois with her three siblings, all of whom are adopted. She attended local public school and earned her bachelors degree from Eastern Illinois University. Her middle-class upbringing taught her the value of hard work and instilled a sense of community. She and her husband, Michael, have lived in Villa Park for more than a decade.

When time permits, Deb enjoys outdoor activities, including camping and hiking, travel and spending time with her family and friends. She also enjoys gardening, volunteer work, exercise and reading.

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